Top Best Free SEO Plugins for Your Wordpress Website

Top Best Free SEO Plugins for Your Wordpress Website

Optimizing your website to search engines something you cannot afford.

Search Engine Optimization is a very important and continuous process if you are a blogger you have to make sure that your blog posting is SEO friendly from day 1 because it would be very difficult less efficient to optimise your content on some weekly basis because Google loves fresh content and thankfully for WordPress, very effective and powerful plugins which come handy when it comes to SEO.

We have listed the most powerful SEO plugins for WordPress websites.

❦ Yoast SEO :

This plugin will take care of most of your onsite SEO needs.

This plugin has made as a topper of this list so many times, this is the most popular plugin with millions of downloads from the WordPress users all over the globe over the years.

Just install this plugin with one click it will take care of all the meta tags and title descriptions and keyword densities and many other factors related to Search Engine Optimization and start suggesting you make all the necessary changes.

Yoast SEO will ensure that you have to use the potential keywords with optimum density it is 2 to 3% and all your titles and headers are consisting of the keyword.

The free version of this plugin would give you access to all the above features and the premium version will make it even more powerful tool with too many features including keyword Research and competitive analysis.

❦ All in one SEO :

All in one SEO is the second most popular WordPress SEO plugin the basic version of this plugin is free on WordPress and a premium version is available for $79 just like the name suggests this plugin is and exclusive again with all features related to the SEO.

This plugin has got a very easy and user-friendly WordPress dashboard which will let you add meta descriptions and tags sitewide.

You can even automate some of the tasks like adding specific metadata to specific types of blog posts.

❦ SEMrush :

Semrush is an extremely powerful tool to do competitive analysis.

In 2017 the competition is too high when it comes to keywords and in the highly saturated Internet market.

You can never expect to land on the first page of Google unless you know most of the SEO strategies of your competitors this plugin just serves that purpose.

All the top bloggers and marketers are definitely having a business plan of this plugin on and they do highly recommend to use this plugin for beginners.

This will give detail competitive analysis list showing all the backlinks and top keywords which are being used by your competitors and let you stay in the game.

If you keep this plugin in your Arsenal and you with some effective SEO strategies one day you will definitely get a lot of organic traffic.

Best Free SEO Tool : Spy Your Competitor Now !

❦ Link Patrol :

Link patrol is a very effective link checking plugin which will give you a very firm grip over all the outgoing links from your website.

You can add all the anchor texts and manage spam links by using this plugin.

The free version of this plugin will do all the job and there is very less cost to benefit ratio to prefer the premium version for now.

❦ Broken Link Checker :

Broken link is a very bad experience for your site user not just that all, it would also lower your search engine rankings.

That’s why it is an essential step check for broken links once in awhile and remove them from your website or blog this plugin will come handy to do that task for you and the best part is this plugin is completely free of cost and does a great job.

❦ SEOquake :

SEOquake is not a WordPress plugin but it is a must mention because this is a very powerful browser extension which will let SEO professionals get details of any website their MOZ Page Authority, DA, Alexa rank and much more.

This browser extension is available on all the popular browsers are out there like Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Opera.

It is the most downloaded Chrome extensions by SEO professionals and it will be very great job in measuring your website SEO performance on time to time basis you just need to install this extension on your browser.

That was the list of most powerful SEO plugin which will help your website rank higher in Google.

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Top Best Free SEO Plugins for Your Wordpress Website
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The Top Best Free SEO plugins that You can use to keep Your WordPress Website SEO Optimize and add increase Your Google Ranking.

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Vijay Lathiya
5 years ago

Interesting post. SEO Plugins list is amazing.
I most like yoast.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Richa Verma
5 years ago

These plugins are amazing from SEO point of view.
Thanks for sharing information.

5 years ago

Yoast seo plugin is the best among all the wordpress plugin. Anyways nice article

Pooja Zinta
4 years ago

Excellent and incredible information on this post! All these plugins are very useful and I think Yoast Plugin is the best one. Thanks for sharing this great list.

Akash Chauhan
3 years ago

Nice Article its helpful for beginner in wordpress Thank you.

1 year ago

Thanks for Sharing the Amazing content. 

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