Guest Post Guidelines

Please follow below guide line:

1. Use given example story template with proper line, sentence and code.

2. Article must be copyscape proof, so don’t copy from other site.

3. Please try to write 1700+ words, now a day it hard get ranking in Google Search. All our competitor have more than 1500 words in there article. This topics are easy to write, so you does not need to worry regard of its size.

4. Writing style must be like problem solving and easy to understand and make sure have good grammar.

5. Don’t write big paragraph, please make sure it have max 2 or 3 sentence and easy to read and understand.

6. Please provide source of product; example “Best mobile under 20,000 Rs” in this article there are many mobile models can be available at Amazon, so provide there links.

7. Please provide all articles in individual text file.

8. Try to write SEO friendly, example use “best mobile under 20,000” in different version, also provide other related articles hyperlinks in article. This things call search engine results page (SERP), hyperlinks and keywords targeting.

9. Be creative, if you come with unique idea than you are most welcome to use it. Always target long tail keywords based topic for that purpose use google adwords keyword tools or sent us topic in advance for selection.

10. Provide relative site links or news source links and don’t use personal backlinks.

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Warning : Don’t ask money in exchange of post or links or any other things which break above guidelines. If you do, we will immediate reject it.

Recently, we are receiving trash quality article who filled with corporate advertisement and thin quality contents. Please don’t waste our and your time by sending those articles. Don’t ask for publishing your corporate article unless you want to pay for classified ads. Last, don’t ask free backlinks or etc you might loosing your chance for getting real attention or worst end up to be in spam box.

Warms Regard,
Tech Gurug