Tech Guru Mobile Review : How to Buy Your Special Phone ?

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Tech Guru Mobile Review : How to Buy Your Special Phone ?

Today there are more smartphone available out there today!

These smartphones are no longer just for making calls or receiving SMS messages !  They are more than that.

Now, it can be very difficult to know which phone is the one for you.

Here are 5 things to consider when you’re buying smartphone.

Does it come with better service ?

No 5. goes to : Does it come with better service ?

Let me tell you no matter how big brand is it, if does not provide better service than it useless to buy its product.

So, first you need to find out that does than brand phone must have service centre near your location.

I show many time people just buy phone on based on brand or specs or something else, but in the end it turn in to bitter experience due lake of service centre.

So must find out that it’s have good service centre near you.

Does it’s type suit you ?

Ok, they are many types of are in the market like Android, iOS and Microsoft.

You can say types also mean different types of OS based smartphone.

Let’s say if you need Microsoft based smartphone than you can buy Lumia. Lumia is good phone but it come with lots of cons like bad software experience, less specs and not much apps choice.

Second, if you want to buy iOS based smartphone than you can buy iPhone. iPhone is great phone but it come with cons like super high price and less specs compare to its big price tag.

Third, last it you want to buy Android based smartphone than you can buy all major brands phone. Android phone sell buy lots of brand. So, it have very minor cons and more pros. You can just select any price or specs or design or band Android Phones.

Do You like it’s look ?

Humans love for beauty never stop, does’t matter if it is nature or specie or machine.

Look is very important because it different a part form one to another.

If you have dull looking phone in your hand it make you feel being the looser, while if you have good looking phone than you give you feeling of movie star.

In look of phone you can goes for many thing like colour, material like plastic or metal, size and it’s total design. With this you can choose best good looking in market in your budget.

What is it’s specs ?

Today in modern world specs become most important part in smartphone, without specs phone just gonna loose its edge and purpose.

In specs, you can look for it’s screen, size, processor, ram, rom, storage, network, and other service.

If you are satisfied with specs for your daily need like communicating, networking, entertainment and other activities.

Let’s assume now a day you need minimum 2GB RAM, 8GB Storage, 1GHZ Processor, 4Inch Screen, Dual 4G, and etc for your daily activities.

All the specs come into equivalent price tag. If you need more specs than you need to spend more money.

What is your budget ?

The last and most important things is “ What is your budget ? ”.

Budget is very important part, if you have low than you can find best phone plus more does not mean you can get best also.

You can get best phone in affordable price tag. They are many brand who offering best specs phone in affordable price tag.

You can get Tech Guru Best Mobile Under 10000 in India plus see Tech Guru Best Mobile Under 15000 in India.

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Tech Guru Mobile Review : How to Buy Your Special Phone ?
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Tech Guru Mobile Review : How to Buy Your Special Phone ? Do you having trouble for buying Smartphone ? Don’t worry read below article.

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Sophia James
2 years ago

Thanks, It really helps me.

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Great post you done here thanks for sharing

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2 years ago

Thanks for your lovely post. The way you give the clarification on the questions which mostly all will think before to buy any mobile.
Your answers are genuine an full of analysis.

Jagdish Adhikari

Heerey khan
2 years ago

Sir, you have written this artistic very beautifully.
I am less praise than you
So I want to say thank you ..
Thank you

2 years ago

All the specs come into equivalent price tag. If you need more specs than you need to spend more money.

2 years ago

thank you for your Review. Its very necessary For All of us. thanks again for your effort Again

Shuvam Majumder
2 years ago

Thank you for this greate and for sharing it with us and also i’m going to bookmarked this website.keep writing like this.

Rachit Kumar
2 years ago

Hello very nice article thanks for greatest news

2 years ago

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Kashif Khan
2 years ago