Top 10 Most High Tech Companies in 2017-18

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Top 10 Most High Tech Companies in 2017-18

How many of you have heard about Silicon Valley ?

This is a Colony of world’s biggest IT professionals and entrepreneurs a symbol of inspiration.

That FOX HD has considered producing a TV show on its name most of the world’s best technology companies have its roots in Silicon Valley.

Here we have listed the world’s top 10 technological advances companies.

Facebook :

Facebook has recently crossed the milestone of 2 billion monthly users staying as the biggest media network.

The biggest social media giant the holding company of most used mobile applications like Instagram and WhatsApp is obviously the most technological advance company of all the time.

Google :

One of the world’s most biggest Tech Giants the Alphabets largest subsidiary and the search engine company.

Which is known for acquiring at least one company every week since early 2000 as part of its acquisition journey at some point in it has acquired Android by Andy Rubin and guess what we have the pixel phone today.

During the last decade Google with its awesome products like Play Store, YouTube and Google Maps it has redefined the productivity of Android and become the strongest rival to Apple with its best phones like the Google Pixel.

Apple :

What’s the Coolest gadget of 2017-18 well that would be the Apple iPhone 7 not that’s all ever since iPhone entered the market it has been the stuck with the best phone tag over the years.

All its successors Apple is known for adding the most productive tech devices of all the time to our life.

Here is a list of top 10 Technology products of 2017-18 most of the products in this list have that Apple logo (Interlinking).

YouTube :

YouTube the Google subsidiary is the second biggest social media network of the World with monthly user base of 1.5 billion people.

The most powerful video platform with some awesome channels like PewDieppe which has at least 50 to 100 million subscribers.

YouTube has become powerful source of entertainment education utilities and productivity for the day to day life shop many people all over the world.

Microsoft :

Ever since the development of information technology and computer science ever since we have started using computers.

Windows is the best and most adapted productive user friendly operating systems.

Which is known for its best user-friendly graphic interface and usability for PC users.

Windows has taken thousands of updates right from version Windows 95 to its Microsoft Windows 10 besides.

Microsoft has given many products softwares and even mobiles in the market.

Amazon :

The biggest eCommerce Store on the globe with thousands of hourly transactions with hundreds of Orders processing per second which has successfully made online shopping a reality in more than 20 countries across the world including all the biggest economies.

You might be interested in checking the guide how to do affiliate Marketing with Amazon to earn passive income (Interlinking).

Intel :

With a massive growth of IT industry, there is a huge boost for the sales of tech accessories mobiles graphic cards personal computers laptops.

You can name any other device all of them are built with Intel accessories.

Intel is known for giving us its powerful processors and graphic cards.

Uber :

Uber is the world’s largest taxi cooking app which is it across the globe and operating in 83 countries and more than 600 cities.

During the last 2 years over has made their way into third world countries like India and now you were is concentrating on more advanced ways of transportation like flying taxis and driverless cars.

Nvidia :

Nvidia is known for producing graphic processing units for all PC and laptops.

Which are used by millions of it professionals Gamers across the globe.

LinkedIn :

LinkedIn is the biggest social media network of entrepreneurs and students from all countries on LinkedIn.

Recruiter can interact with the best talents of particular profession and recruit them into his team all the students sign up at LinkedIn enlist all their educational data and skills projects and they can browse jobs posted by recruiters and apply to particular jobs with a single click.

Many companies are hiring on LinkedIn and this has become the world’s biggest network of entrepreneurs professionals and students in late 2015.

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Top 10 Most High Tech Companies in 2017-18
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Top 10 Most High Tech Companies in 2017-18. This is a list of the world’s largest technology companies from Fortune Global 500 magazine.

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