How to Increase Your Website Google Ranking for Free ?

How to Increase Your Website Google Ranking for Free

Google is the most used search engine worldwide out of hundreds out there, Bing and Yahoo being the second and third.It’s because nearly a huge percent of the Internet marketing is the first page of Google as a blogger and Internet marketer your biggest target should always be improving your Google ranking.There are things which will improve your search rankings and certain things which would adversely affect your search engine ranking and some things you should never do which will directly throw you out of the game by penalizing your site.Your website must be fully optimised for search engines onsite and offsite and must have any high quality backlinks from high authority websites.In case if you are wondering what is SEO than read at How to do SEO for Website Step by Step.Top ways to get high authority backlinks your site for free than read at How to Get Quality Backlinks Free and Fast.Those were the very crucial steps towards improving your Google Ranking.In order to improve the Domain Authority always use powerful keywords in your blog post now, it’s because competition is too high for short tail keywords you can also target low density traffic by using long tail keywords in your articles.Keyword research is indeed the most important way for your website getting ranked higher by Google to do keyword research there are some handy tools like Alexa, SEMrush and YoastSEO read at Top Best Free SEO Plugins for Your WordPress Website.They offer services like competitive analysis you get to know all the keywords and SEO strategy used by that company so that you can improvise to even better keywords and improve your search engine rankings.

❦ Index your website to all the search engines :

Indexification is very important when it comes to getting rank in Google.You have a blog and your producing very good content if you are blog is not indexed in Google it’s like your site is simply penalized and you are out of organic traffic and totally depending on social traffic.You want to make sure that your site is indexed I am Google along with all other 300 search engines so that you never have to miss the organic traffic.

❦ Make a news section in your website :

Make a new section on your website and update it on regular basis this will let you target the traffic with so many potential keywords and gain massive audience.There is a very high chance of getting rank higher by Google because Google just loves fresh content.

❦ Build backlinks in 3 tires :

Tier 1 backlinks are backlinks which are directly linked to your website and Tier 2 backlinks are linked to Tier 1 backlinks and so on.In this way you are supposed to link backlinks on three levels some of the links are being driven from very high authority websites like Yahoo, CNN and so on this will literally improve your DA with a huge impact these are the same strategies used by all the best SEO agencies.

❦ Using press releases :

Using a local press release with very intense and productive content you can directly land on the first page of Google.It cost you some money but bring you a lot of organic traffic in the long run and Boost Your page ranking eventually.The following year some precautions which you should never do because that will have very adverse implications on your DA.

❦ Never do plagiarism Google hates it the most :

The quantity of the articles is never really important when it comes to search engine rankings what matters most is quality productivity and uniqueness that is why you should never copy others content but just for focus on producing high quality content.Search engines will always read the text and detect plagiarism and you end up getting penalized.

❦ Never buy Tier 1 backlinks :

Now I Strongly suggest you that should not buy any backlinks at all and build all for yourself or hire SEO professionals.But that’s a lot of work and money so here is a work around so what you can do is make a press release on websites like Yahoo and buy backlinks to that page from freelancing sites like upwork and Fiverr.Now it is very unlikely that Google is going to penalize Yahoo even if you ended up buying a thousand crap links.This is another search engine technique which is used by many experts going to your page rankingsThese were some of the best techniques used by SEO expert to improve your Google rankings.

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