How to Increase Website Speed in WordPress ?

How to Increase Website Speed in WordPress?

Website loading speed is obviously one of the most important criteria in a website.

That’s what the users care most about rather than your awesome content inside the site.

Most of the website visitors will expect a website to load within 2 secondsHere are some interesting facts about the implication of web site speed 50% of your site visitors will go away if your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds and that’s why nearly 90% of the websites on the Internet or optimize to load very fast that’s within 3 seconds and 48% of them with a loading speed of just 2 seconds.

If you have any eCommerce website with a decent number of daily visitors and transactions and if your website starts loading slowly that’s when you will start losing money and now imagine if Amazon servers face some trouble and start loading slowly they will lose billions so indeed the site loading time matters very much.

Here is what you can do to make your WordPress site load fast ?

1. Get a very good hosting :

Now which hosting service should you use the really doesn’t matter because most of the hosting companies like HostGator, Bluehost, Godaddy entry hosts are owned by a single Parent company and that’s EIG the thing which matters is what kind of hosting are you going to buy for your site there are three types of hostings.

Shared hosting VPS and dedicated server if your site is having visitors up to 4000 you can go with you can stick with shared hosting or if you have site visitors in between 5000 to 50000 you should move to VPS and if you have even more visitors then you should have a dedicated server.

Sites like Amazon, Facebook and Yahoo use dedicated servers, actually more than one dedicated server.

2. Buy a Premium Theme who Search Engine Optimized :

This would cost you around $50 but trust me it is a good deal if your site is on a free theme your site will definitely load very slow that’s because most of the free themes are not optimized.

Their code is heavy and that would slow down your site you can go to ThemeForest website and grab premium theme of your choice and start installing the team to your site.

3. Optimizing images inside your website :

If you are a blogger it’s always a good practice to post high-quality stock images in all of your posts you would get royalty free stock images for free at sites like Pixabay but if you start posting all the images without optimising the size of the optimizing at the same quality or if you own in eCommerce site with thousands of products with thousands of images in both of these cases optimising images is very essential because too many images with huge size will make your website load slower.

In this case, you can do two things before uploading those images you can make sure that you reduce the size of the image without losing quality or if you have already uploaded some images on your site you can install a WordPress plugin and crunch all the images optimum size.

4. Use a powerful caching Plugin :

W3 Total Cache is a very powerful and extremely useful for caching purposes this would very efficiently increase the loading time of your website.

Besides using these a content delivery network would help a lot in this network all your website files are uploaded on a server which is nearer to visitors thereby improving the website loading time all big bloggers and companies are using content delivery network to improve their website loading time.

5. Use Revision Control Plugin :

Most of the WordPress bloggers while writing a blog post they revise the post like 7 to 8 times and even more in some cases and all those revision articles, in your WordPress database and over the time this number would multiply into thousands we suggest you to use revision control plugin to get away from this trouble.

Well these were the top reasons for drastically slowing down your website now with taking the precautions you can Boost Your website load time hopefully to less than 2 seconds.

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How to Increase Website Speed in WordPress ?
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Website loading speed is obviously most important criteria for You. Here is 5 Great Tips for increasing Website Speed in WordPress..

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Thank for information about how to increase a wordpress website speed, yes you are true hosting pay a very important role in website speed.

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