Top 10 Most High Tech Accessories in 2017-18

Top 10 Most High Tech Accessories in 2017-18

Every year many technological accessories will come into the market which will bring a lot of productivity into our daily lives.

We have listed top 10 most advanced technology accessories of 2017-18.

Evo the ultimate mobile companion :

Its an all in one accessories kit for your mobile with our increasing dependence of more and more on smartphones.

There is a growing demand for innovative mobile accessories and Evo is a revolution in this niche.

Evo has got just three buttons and it is as small as a keychain.

It has got features like Bluetooth wall charger customisable remote and a phone stand which can be completely customisable as per your requirements by its app Evo acts as a remote mobile phone.

You can take selfies change music tracks and event Trigger alarms if you ever placed your mobile some where and forgot it.

Evadrop :

It is a smart shower system save water while you are taking shower.

It has got heat sensors and it will detect the optimum temperature of incoming water from the geyser.

Also if you are present under the shower, just step away from the shower the water flow will be cut off and when you step into the shower it will turn itself on and now that’s an innovative Tech piece which saves water.

Wireless laser keyboard :

Wireless laser keyboards are intended to replace all traditional plastic keyboards from your computer desk available on Amazon to buy.

Basically it’s a laser projector which will project the keyboard onto your computer desk and the keystrokes are detected using the IR blaster and the unit is connected to your iPod or laptop with Bluetooth.

Noke Smart Lock a keyless lock :

We can say goodbye to all the harassment caused by keys of your traditional locks because we get to use keyless lock which can be unlocked using the Bluetooth of your mobile devices.

By using which kind of locks you can give access to anyone at any time into your house by sharing an invitation code and you can take away that access anytime you want. You don’t have to roam around just to handover stupid keys to anyone around you don’t have to worry about losing keys either.

Pot :

Pot is an incredible pet tracking device which is released to track your pets all the time it acts as a location tracking device and fitness tracking device to your pet you can track the physical activity and calories burnt and the distance travelled by your per so that you can ensure that it is getting enough physical activity and also you get to track your pet all.

Elgato Eve Energy :

This device is the best step towards Home Automation is converts your traditional power sockets into automatic remote operated power socket.

It is an awesome innovation by Apple which will let you save power and turn off your life even remotely from your office

Dyson 360 degree Eye :

It is a very expensive small robotic vacuum cleaner which will clean the house for you remotely.

You just have to charge it and keep it on. you can start cleaning your house remotely right from your office.

If it ever gets stuck under a blanket or in a kitchen sink it will turn itself off and get away from that object then turn itself on and continue cleaning the small robotic vacuum cleaner takes very less storage in your shelf and do a great job for you

Amazon Echo :

Amazon Echo will be your personal assistant and is an another step towards the Home Automation it’s called Alexa.

You can operate this with voice commands like Alexa turn down the room temperature and if you have the correct thermostat device installed on your phone it would just do that for you.

Elgato Eve Degree :

This is a very tiny waterproof and well-designed gadget with a weather sensor.

You can pay this with your iPhone hand operated with voice commands like hey Siri what’s the temperature in the bedroom and guess what you will get the exact temperature and humidity of the room on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

This is only available for Apple devices.

Nest Learning Thermostat :

This is an automatic thermostat sensor which controls the radiators of the boilers inside your room and improves the Boiler Efficiency by keeping the room temperature once you go outside this will put itself on away mode and save power

Well these were some of the most advanced technological accessories of 2017 most of which are available on Amazon you can go try your favorite accessory and improve the productivity.

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Top 10 Most High Tech Accessories in 2017
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We have listed top 10 most advanced technology accessories of 2017-18. Every year many technological accessories will come into the market which will bring a lot of productivity into our daily lives.

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A good list especially the wireless keyboard.. Well i think you should also add the studio monitors and party speakers to your list as well…. Talk about the recent innovations maybe?

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Nice article, technology have changed everything in our world. Every day there is a new appliance in the market. Like other home areas kitchens have progressed too.

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3 years ago

Good Article very informative but Now Amazon Echo Show is available, Please write an Article on Alexa Echo Show devices.

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Shower technology is amazing. It will definitely save some water

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