How to do SEO for Website Step by Step with Example ?

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How to do SEO for Website Step by Step ?

What is the most profitable place on the Internet?I say the first search result on the first page of the Google.

That’s why every entrepreneur blogger and all the companies would always prefer to stay at the first spot of the first page of Google because 97% of the Internet traffic would only get into the top most result hardly 2 to 3% of the traffic will get into the 2nd and 3rd results indexed and the remaining sites would totally depend on social media traffic and backlinks.

That’s why at any cost you should always try to stay on the first page of Google to achieve this you are expected to put a lot of work at the Search Engine Optimization of your website.

❦ What is Search Engine Optimization ?

Google ranks your website based on the value and uniqueness of your site content the traffic you are achieving.

The backlinks you have to your site, keywords and many more factors you have to optimise your site content and keywords backlinks in such a way that Google ranks you higher and higher this process is called as Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation is basically divided into two types onsite SEO and offsite SEO.

There are things you must do and you should never do when it comes to SEO.

Things you must do for your website Search Engine Optimisation.

❦ Onsite SEO :

Onsite SEO refers to the optimization of the content of your website to search engine.

The entire Optimization will be limited to only your website all the content on your page rank all your blog post all your outgoing links are optimized for onsite SEO.

❦ Optimization of content :

If you are a blogger and you write blog post regularly you have to keep in mind that while writing a blog post.

You are expected to do keyword Research and note all the profitable keywords under your niche and use those keywords in that particular blog post with natural density which is 1 to 3% on the content.

You have to make sure that the keyword is present in the title along with all the headers.

You must also add meta tags to all the images on your and give a link to your website to each of the images this will bring a lot of traffic to your site when all these images are indexed in search engines.

You must add meta tags the content and to all your blog posts with the help of WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO this is a very easy and handy task.

You might want to check out our blog post about best WordPress plugins to do onsite SEO (For Interlinking)

❦ Off-site SEO :

Off-site SEO refers to all the SEO related work which is outside your website the very important thing that you want to do in the off-site SEO is Getting high authority Backlinks your site which will bring a lot of traffic and improve your credibility and help you rank higher in search engine results.

You might want to check out your blog post on best ways to get authorized powerful backlinks to your website at free of cost (For InterLinking).

These are the things that you should never want to do when it comes to optimizing your website to search engines.

❦ You should never copy content from other websites :

Google has absolutely zero tolerance towards plagiarism and there is a danger of your side getting penalized by Google if you get penalized you have to forget about all the AdSense revenue and organic traffic from Google so always write unique, useful and engaging content but never copy.

❦ Using crap backlinks :

Never buy crap backlinks from sites like Fiverr and Freelancer and these websites you will get people selling thousands of backlinks for just $5 there is no way that dude is manually billing a thousand backlinks for just 5 bucks.

They usually generate backlinks using software and submit those backlinks to your website this will definitely decrease your Search Engine Optimization and a chance you’re getting penalized is very high.

Search Engine Optimization is a long term goal on strategy which will have definite results after months I believe this guide has helped you a lot if you are a beginner at SEO.

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How to do SEO for Website Step by Step with Example ?
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