Top Most High Tech Technology in the World 2016 – 17

Top Most High Tech Technology in the World 2016 – 17

Technology has taken the fastest form of revolution of the 21st century there are many awesome innovations and new shades of technologies in our daily life without technology all of us would have been doomed and you will not be reading this article on your fancy device thanks to those so many talented engineers and programmers who are regularly bringing more and more advanced technology in our hands to make our life productive and easy.

Just a few decades ago people never thought they would be using smartphones with these many product key features like we have got.

And there are many awesome and powerful pieces of tech which are available to us we have listed 10 most advanced technology products of 2017 here.

Uber Air Taxi Plan :

Now this is something we have seen in science fiction movies but this will soon be a reality.

This is a very advanced technical development achieved by European aircraft manufacturers show in coming days people might fly to their office.

Mission BrahMos :

The BrahMos project is world’s most advanced cruise missile this is a joint project developed by India and Russia it is a Supersonic missile.

Which can bypass even the most advanced 60 production systems like Aegis combat system and which has an extended range of 450 kilometers.

Pods :

Pods are driverless cars which are hitting roads in the US during June 2017.

This is a pilot project by UK bus and rail company which is being tested at US testing facility.

We have been hearing about driverless cars for the last 3 years Google has stated many times that by 2020.

It is planning to bring driverless cars to the market and many automobile Giants like Volvo Daimler and Ford are working with Google to make this project a reality even right healing apps like Uber working with Google on this project.

In your future you would not be surprised to see driverless cars moving on the roads.

The 360-degree Selfie :

This is a breakthrough in photography because camera which takes selfie phone 360 degrees.

We have already started experiencing the world in 360 degrees with virtual reality and the next advancement in photography is going to be this.

Make online payments with your face :

China has now developers face detection payment authorisation system called face++.

This technology is also integrated with the criminal database of China to make payments more secure.

Reversing paralysis :

This is the most advanced form of neuroscience which is expected to be a reality in next 10 to 15 years according to the MIT sources .

Spinal cord injuries and paralysis can be treated and paralysis patients can get back to their healthy lifestyles.

Hot Solar Cells :

Only solar energy can provide the earth to fulfill all is electricity requirements without depending on limited nuclear resources and Solar Energy.

It is the ideal way of producing electricity because of its 0% harmful impact on environment they don’t have to face environmental issues because of nuclear waste and there will be no fear of running out of electricity for the future generations.

Hot solar cells can drive continuous electricity from heat energy which would be a reality in next 10 to 15 years.

Gene therapy 2.0 :

In today’s world infertility can can be completely treated with 100% efficiency By using Gene therapy 2.0 well let us hope the same with cancer in the future.

Camera :

Can you believe there is a camera which is 70 times more as powerful as powerful as a normal smart phone’s camera.

With 350 megapixels Shooter full lens alone cast 1.6 million dollars each consisting of a total of 5 such lenses well.

This camera is not for some wildlife photography this is for space photography this camera is located in Inter-American Observatory which has a capacity to take photos.

Which are as far away as 8 billion light-years.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics :

Artificial Intelligence is a field which is a very advanced form Technology.

Which has a very high potential to grow during the next decades any startup with a vision in the field of artificial intelligence will have the highest potential for growth and eventually acquired by Giants like Apple or Google.

Virtual reality :

Which technology will redefine the Trends of photography and video production.

in the near future we will see the 360-degree selfies and enjoy best video contents and games in virtual reality is not surprised that Facebook has bought VR productions because this is going to be a feature of video production.

Driverless cars :

During mid June 2017 the driverless cars have hit roads for its pilot projects in the USA.

This was a very amazing technology which was being developed over the years by Google in Google has promised to bring developers by 2020 and also the taxi joint Uber automobile companies like Ford are working with Google to make this advanced technology become a reality.

Blockchain Technology for tracking transactions :

Which technology is used to track Bitcoin transactions until 2015 the Reserve Bank of India has got a negative stand towards Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology and never authorize Bitcoin transactions as legal but from every 2015 Reserve Bank is studying the black thing technology used to track between transactions this technology has got more benefits related to the methods used by banks to track all their day-to-day transactions and Blockchain Technology was relatively cheaper by keeping many factors in head RBI has advised the Blockchain Technology for tracking transactions in India ICICI Bank is the first bank to adopt this technology and all other banks will be adopting in the future.

Intelligent things :

Intelligent things is the combination of two Technologies that is the Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of things this was the best business idea listed on top strategic top strategic Trends for 2017.

Automation :

Because of continuous efforts of developers it professionals and joints like Google automation is taking its most advanced in forms during 2017 automation has gained its control over many fields of production and Advertising networks the big data collecting and analysing we have already seen automatic vehicles but besides automation spreading in homes in the form of cleaning robots censored showers and thermostats

Machine learning :

Only machine learning has the ability to counter the complex hacking attacks this can millions of dollars draining away from bank accounts in the form of Hacking that is the reason why Google and Microsoft or train to make developers focus more on machine learning by releasing open source machine learning platforms like Tensorflow.

The Internet :

The Internet is obviously the world’s most advanced technology of the century just which is, in fact, the biggest tech revolution in the human evolution after fire wheel and steam engine and most importantly Internet is available for mankind has made our lives so easy.

These were the most advanced pieces of tech in 2017 which are continuously evolving and developing more day-to-day.

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Top Most High Tech Technology in the World 2016 - 17
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There are many awesome & powerful tech which are available to us we have listed top most high tech technology in the world in 2017 here.

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