How to create Backlinks manually to Your site for Free ?

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How to Get Quality Backlinks Free and Fast ?

Search Engine Optimization is mainly divided into two types on-site Search Engine Optimization and off-site Search Engine Optimization.

The most of the onsite SEO and be taken care of using some powerful WordPress plugins and SEO tools.

Which will come handy this article refers more about off-site SEO and getting high-quality backlinks to your website.

A backlink PageRank as a link which is left at some other website on the web which will redirect traffic to your website.

A backlink from a very high authority and page rank website is referred as powerful backlink this backlink not only brings lot of traffic to your site but also ranks your website higher in the search engine.

Here is a list of best ways to get powerful backlinks to your site.

❦ Create accounts on High Authority Websites and Write Blog Posts :

You can start getting powerful Backlinks to your site’s by collecting a list of high authority websites on the web.

You can get that list at Alexa website now you have to create your accounts into the websites with your website name as subdomain eg. tumbler, and write some blog posts there and leave your website link in that website which will act as a backlink and bring you traffic and search engine rankings.

❦ Ask a question and answering communities like Quora and Yahoo Answers :

Quora is a very popular question and answering community which has got millions of daily visitors.

You have to submit question and leave a good answer along with your website link at the end of the answer now there is a possibility that readers of Quora will come to your website and will get to know about you.

Just like Quora are there are many answering communities like Yahoo answers and so many other forums like Tumbler.

You can submit many optimized in those communities and get too many backlinks to your website.

❦ Joining groups on Yahoo and Google :

There are so many groups with millions of members in Yahoo, Google and Facebook.

You can join all of those groups and write some useful content along with Backlink to your website.

❦ Submitting ebook to famous PDF sharing websites and software websites :

Once you have a block with some hundred posts youpage rankwant to make some ebooks in PDF format along with your website links inside the ebook on submitting all those ebooks famous high authority PDF sharing websites like and get backlinks to your website.

❦ Compile Softwares :

You can compile all your ebooks into. exe format make a software the consisting of all your ebooks to famous software sharing websites like Softpedia and get backlinks to your website.

❦ Press releases :

Press releases is the fastest way which will lead you directly to land on the first page of Google all you have to do is a press release on websites like Yahoo this will cost around $500 but totally worth it.

YouTubers is that famous SEO saying having one powerful backlink is for better than having thousands of crap backlinks.

Even if you don’t want to go for directly to websites like Yahoo and CNN but you really want to make press releases in your Local Newspapers to boost your Local SEO and search engines so indexing based on local IPS so there is a very high possibility to get ranked higher.

❦ Guest post :

Guest post is a very powerful method which will let you rank higher on search engines by getting very powerful backlinks from high authority websites.

You can always get in touch with best bloggers in your Niche and ask them the favor of submitting a guest post or you can hire some freelancers who will do that for you.

❦ Interviewing the top blogger in your Niche :

You can interview the top blogger and submit that interview on your blog it is more likely that the blogger will also leave a backlink and you can attract all the visitors of the blogger to your site.

❦ Reach a famous YouTuber :

You can reach a famous YouTuber and interview them are you let him make a video on a topic of your blog post which might make the YouTuber go viral on YouTube along with a backlink as a part of the YouTube video description.

These were some of the best backlink building techniques to improve your search engine ranking on Google.

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How to create Backlinks manually to Your site for Free ?
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How to Get Quality Backlinks Free and Fast : Are You getting trouble for creating Backlinks ! Read free tips and trick for create Backlinks.



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