How to Increase Domain Authority and Page Authority of a Website ?

Tips to increase Domain Authority and Page Authority :

Webmasters have been looking for ways to improve their position in the appropriate search requests since the beginning of search engines. As in any market and life, you wish to develop, you need a framework for evaluating your various actions to see what works and what does not.

You first need to know how much you weigh when you want to lose weight. You need to learn actual output figures because you decide to increase profitability. The same is true of the enhancement of the search results on the website. To compare your growth with previous versions and competing competitors, you require a measurable, standardized unit.

This SEO measurement was Google’s PageRank for the longest time. The most complete measurement of a search value was considered. This metric was modified directly from an algorithm of the world’s most efficient search engine, which displays the rankings of the website relative to other websites.

But in December 2013, the last Google update to PageRank, during which PageRank was killed in a functional SEO metric. The demise of PageRank from Google has taken many good SEO measurements to the forefront.

So, what is domain authority?

Moz’s Domain Authority is one of today’s most common SEO interventions. This is a measurement of the macro-level which can be used over time to compare your site with others. Moz uses a domain authority algorithm, and several variables, roughly forty, are used to determine the ranking.

The score range is 0-100, and the more authoritative the website is, the larger the number of domain authority. The problem is — the domain authorities are a suitable PageRank alternative and they are a number to use for calculating the SEO operations.

Increasing the domain authority score of your website is an outstanding indication that your attempts to promote your site are effective. And how does the Domain Authority increase? Here are tips for assistance.

1. Creating quality backlinks from high authority sites:

Since the history of the black-hat link building that has burnt several websites using Penguin algorithms or Google’s manual fines, the word “backlinks” has almost a negative connotation. Yet the fact is that links play a significant role in the ranking and therefore the domain authority.

Before getting backlink from high authority sites you must check DA and PA of those sites by putting them in Bulk DA PA checker tool online. A large number of good links to your website will improve your score, and increase traffic and authority.

To get more quality links you may go for online guest posting services,

Work with influencers:

Conduct strong outreach programs. If you just publish and move on, the content life cycle will be very short. You must mix advertising with product marketing if quality content is to succeed. The best way to create high-quality backlinks is to bring this content to those influencers’ eyes.

An easy way is to share what you create by contacting website using communication tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter or e-mail. Moreover, use a backlink builder to get quality links for your site.

2. Create quality content:

Build exclusive, informative and reliable content. First, increase the consistency of your on-the-site material if you want to enhance your domain authority by having better inbound links.

A variety of advantages can be achieved by increasing the quality of your web content, but the opportunity to provide you with appropriate, high-quality connections is one of the most significant. You’ll receive organic links from people that want to share your knowledge if the content is informative and useful.

Use visual content more often

Develop different content types. While text-based content like articles are a great asset for creating backlinks of quality, the wider your content portfolio, the higher the likelihood that content is used by anyone and the higher the probability that the content is shared. Imagine creating rich media such as infographics, digital content, or eBooks. This complex content is highly interconnected and is an asset that generates internal links to other websites.

3. Remove Backlinks of Low quality:

Backlinks are a key element to assess the ranking for your domain authority. Within that way the same is true for low-quality backlinks, just as critical as high-quality links are. Malicious links from poor websites can affect your domain authority score negatively, so it is important to keep a clean link profile proactively.

To eliminate spammy links, audit your site regularly for finding and contact the author of the site to remove or change the low-quality backlink.

4. Conduct analysis:

The best way to remove backlinks is to monitor your link profile continuously. You can locate and test incoming links using a range of methods. The next step is to take action to remove or reject the risky links once you identify them. Information without action is irrelevant, so in fact you must try, in your auditing, to remove any bad links.

There are different tools like UberSuggest, Ahrefs that can scan the backlinks to your site and this way, you can detect the broken links or low-quality links. You should contact the site for removing the links that are bad. Even if the anchor text on the other site is wrong for your site then you should go for changing or removing it completely.

5. Stick with natural linking:

There are a lot of factors in a poor link beyond the web. The number of links you have from other websites, IP countries on your websites, do-follow vs no-follow links, and a number of other aspects of the link should also be taken into consideration.

Once the site is QA, the rule of thumb is to retain it automatically. Don’t force exact match anchors, maintain healthy links, and link with relevant internal resources.

Natural backlinks for your site always give a quality impact to the search engine because search engine especially Google is enough intelligent to recognize the unnatural link.

If google detects the unnatural backlink on your site or on the other site that links to you, then it will penalize both of the sides. The Google usually detects the unnatural backlinks if the anchors are repeated for a same website or on a same website.

6. Don’t keep going with poor links:

Not all websites are the same. This is important to consider, especially if you actively want to create backlinks through outreach, writing off-site articles or using vendors for links. Any website from which a connection is deliberately targeted will be QA to ensure that it complies with the quality expectations.

Remember to see the quality of the backlinks through seeing the traffic flow, domain authority, top keywords of the other websites where the links are placed. If the domain authority of the website is low according to the traffic then the quality of the backlink will also be low. Moreover, the backlink that you are getting must be do follow in order to pass the other site’s authority.

7. Write planned content:

The power of content for quality backlinks have been discussed so I’m not going to beat a dead horse on that point. Nonetheless click stream, use of keywords, readability, the effect on user interaction and other on-site metrics of content is also important to consider. A material influences all these factors and works directly through the ranking with the domain authority.

To increase your domain authority using content.

8. Use social media to promote content:

While search engine content optimization is very important, social signals are another variable of your domain authority score. Make sure you post your articles on the website with sharing buttons and other calls for action. This will attract more traffic to your website and social media will boost your domain authority a lot.

Not only for the domain authority, social media engagement is also important for the search engine optimization because it’s a ranking factor for the search engine to rank your site. The Google’s guidelines to SEO include the connection between your website and your social media pages.

9. Focus on internal linking:

Strategic internal linking of your on-site information strengthens your domain authority. Make sure you use a number of keywords to link relevant and authoritative intern pages to the text of your content.

This does not mean that hundreds of internal links on any website overwhelm the guests. Indeed, if overdone, this can give a negative signal. In order to connect internally and externally, where it makes sense, it is necessary to use natural opportunities for a post.

10. Content should be rich in quality

It may not be shocking, but high quality content is one of the most powerful ways in which the market can boost its share ability, loyalty, and authority. It offers more backlinks, onsite behavior, and social signals which are all important when evaluating the score of the domain authority.

11. Improve user experience of your site:

This can mean a variety of things and relies on the company and the visitors’ preferences. You should learn how the website and different sites communicate with people. You need to look at why this occurs whether you experience a high bounce rate or long loading time on the different sites. Tweak and improve your website’s usability and friendliness.

This makes it easy to reach, and important to all the smartphone content on the website. The better a user experience, the more likely it is to remain on your site, share content and return.

Wrapping up,

The Domain Authority is not the only measurement of a website, but certainly one of the most effective methods of comparing different domains.

The above guide is designed to help you improve the domain administration of your website. The main point to note is that, you will ultimately take authority if you are involved in producing user-focused content and developing a website which can give visitors value.

In today’s world, the domain authority is considered as the believing number of a site. If the domain authority of a website is high then more users believe on the content of that website.

Jackson Keil

Jackson Keil is a freelance blogger, SEO researcher, and writer. She focused to provide much information in fewer words. Providing more information in fewer words is her main aim for which she is working hard. It’s her passion to explore the world of SEO and let other peoples know regarding new updates and evolutions. His articles appeared on many sites like,, Penzu, Prepostseo and Meracalculators.
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3 years ago

All the things mentioned above are on point. And the most crucial aspect, I believe, is creating high quality backlinks with great content.

Ashok kumar
3 years ago

great article. It gives good knowledge about how to create quality backlinks. Thanks for nice informative content.

3 years ago

According to your information, High-quality Backlinks are necessary to rank in search engines. thanks, admin for sharing with us

Shamim Akhtar Khan
3 years ago

a detailed article, above mentioned points, are great and gave me perspective on what to do and what not to do.
thanks for sharing this awesome article.

3 years ago

Awesome Article. Thanks for sharing this 11pillar points. 6th point dont keep going with poor links is new things very important.

3 years ago


As you said auditing links periodically and removing bad backlinks is quite critical to keep up the site’s domain authority. Thanks for your tips, indeed.

Chandan Kumar
2 years ago

Great article

2 years ago

Very nice information sir thanks for your suggestions

1 year ago

Thanks sir,

This was really great information.
This is the one of the most helpful tutorials. I really appreciate your work, please keep it up and help others in such a unique way.

1 year ago

Very helpful information. Your tips are well written and complete, hope to see more related to this! thanks for sharing with us.

Namita Mathur
1 year ago

Hello sir, Thanks a lot for teaching so many things in a simple way. I have recently started content writing and this is the best roadmap I have seen so far till date. Your blog is ‘Bible’ for new blogger like me. Thank you so much sir. Take care of your health.

Namita Mathur
1 year ago

All the things mentioned above are on point. And the most crucial aspect, I believe, is creating high quality backlinks with great content.

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