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1. How do you plan to make the world a better place?

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3. Please tell us about the founder(s)/co-founder(s) and the team with previous experience and education & with their twitter or other contact accounts?

4. Mention your direct competitors and indirect competitors. What is/are your competitive advantage(s)?

5. Which market are you tartegting country, size, etc ?

6. Why do you think most startups fail?

7. How do you manage to market your product/service? What strategies have you adopted till now?

8. Do you believe that success of a business is based upon the vision and hard work of the founding members, or a team effort put upon by fellow employees; your vision?

9. What do you think is most important for a startup – kick-ass team or abundant resources? What do you have?

10. Provide some statistics like sales this month or year, website hits, users subscribed etc.

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Please Note : Above question‘s answer will must be genuine and its must be cool to read for readers. We recommended your story must be 1000+ words.