How to Use Long Tail Keywords ?

How to Use Long Tail Keywords

In 2000 in Internet marketing is highly saturated competition is at its peak and digital agencies companies are striving hard towards the targeted traffic of particular markets.

Now all companies and agencies have got One Target to get customers their website ranking themselves higher and higher.

In this game eventually the company which is economically very strong will make it into the first pages of Google because short tail keywords are extremely competitive these days and it is really hard for bloggers and Agencies with medium budget to get ranked at the highest positions in Google search engine.

For instance, if you try to search keywords like best tours to India it’s most likely you will get always get results from sites like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo and Yatra.

They constantly spend a lot of money towards their Search Engine Optimisation and the competition for search keywords will be always too high.

On the other hand, you can try to focus on this competitive strings by using Long Tail Keywords like :

best tourism destinations in North India

best tourism destinations for adventure in North East India

These are the Long Tail Keywords which could have less competition but definitely, they are going to have a very high convergence rate because it’s highly likely that that the person who is planning his trip to North East India and he is interested in Adventures would rather select your company.

So that’s one of the major reasons why Long Tail Keywords are so important and even if you get less traffic using this you definitely want to use Long Tail Keywords in your content.

Most of the professional bloggers will start using Long Tail Keywords increase the traffic by 2 million monthly visitors.

Even the big eCommerce sites like Amazon cannot afford to not to focus on Long Tail Keywords.

Amazon make 57% of sales from Long Tail Keywords.The following are ways to use Long Tail Keywords in your content.

❦ Be very specific :

Having a very specific idea about your product and study the purpose and usability of the product and keep your content limited to only that product with targeted Long Tail Keywords.

❦ Understand your visitors :

It’s really essential that you have a good understanding what your visitors are really interested in and what is the trend of the keywords that most of the visitors are interested in using on the web.

❦ Become a long tail Pro :

It’s really a great idea you just stick to Long Tail Keywords and do a very good research at them and targeting traffic with Long Tail Keywords many Internet marketers used high competitive head keywords and do a lot of work there in wonder why they are not getting enough traffic.

It’s better to go for Long Tail Keywords even if you have lower search volumes you might do pretty amazing work there.

In order to find keywords you just have to know what people are entering in the search engines for their queries, we can get the latest keywords being used by using tools like Google keyword planner in one of the best source for finding the Long Tail Keywords.

Google Search Suggest itself and by using keyword tool.

In order to make effective use of Long Tail Keywords, you need to know the Best 10 Tools to search the Long Tail Keywords.

In addition to using these tools we should also have a good grip over local Internet trends and try to keep your content only limited some particular City like :

best adventure parks in Hyderabad

best places to get outside on weekends in Bangalore

By using the above strings your traffic will be only limited Hyderabad and Bangalore but the best part is there is a high chance that somebody from these cities searches about parks and places.

There is high possibility that your website getting indexed as a top result and besides even if the user doesn’t mention the city name in the search string search engines usually show result based on IP addresses.

So still you will be the topper this is far better than writing a blog post like Best Parks in India because in this case you are targeting an entire nation and competing all the tourism bloggers of the country.

This is one of the several ways to understand the trains in the Long Tail Keywords on the web target low competition traffic.

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