Top 10 Best Free Plugins for WordPress Website

Top 10 Best Free Plugins for WordPress Website

Do you ever wondered that WordPress is why so popular content management system in the world is because of Plugins these are just like apps for Android and improve the productivity of WordPress name your any requirement there will be a Plugin accomplishing that.

Here we have listed the top 10 WordPress Plugins in 2017 with over millions of downloads and best ratings.

❦ Akismet Anti-spam :

It is a must have security plugin as per as spam detection is concerned Akismet protects the site comments and contact form submissions from its Global database of spam.

❦ Contact Form 7 :

This plugin will take care of your contact us section this is the most popular free plugin for creating a contact us form and by using this you can design stunning um contact forms with all mandatory and non-mandatory details.

❦ Yoast SEO :

Yoast SEO is an amazing plugin which would take care of most of the SEO works to be done on your site.

This is a must have plugins for bloggers Just install this plugin it would start recommending you to optimize all your pages and blog post to to the search engines by recommending necessary changes to the content without this plugin this list would be incomplete.

❦ Woo Commerce :

By using this plugin you can literally set up an eCommerce store with thousands of products and set up a booming business and reach millions of customers all over the world.

You can add all product details like images description and you can specify currencies and even set up payment gateways you can set many filters across all the product categories and do many more things.

❦ WP Super Cache :

Now imagine you have an eCommerce website with thousands of products as mentioned above are you are a blogger and you have posted hundreds of blog post hundreds of images so you have ended up with so many images that your website has started to load slowly.

Now at this point, all the images as must be reduced in size without losing their quality and it would take forever o do this manually.

This plugin would just do the job for you by using this plugin you can crunch all the images in your website at once with a single click and boost the loading time of your site.

❦ Google Analytics for Wordpress by Monster Insights :

It is always a good practice to install this plugin immediately after setting up Wordpress and sign up for Google Analytics.

Because Google Analytics will analyze everything related to visitors of your website we get the numbers we get their locations and we get the bounce rate and all.

❦ Page builder by Site Origins :

Page builder by site Origins is a favorite plugin of WordPress theme developers itself most of the themes will require this plugin by default even if not you still don’t want to miss this plugin.

Because this will let you customize every bit of web page there by letting you customize every bit of your website.

❦ Next generation Wordpress Gallery :

Just like the name suggests this is your gallery plugin every website needs a Gallery if you are speaking about an agency website you need a Portfolio you are speaking about a travel site you need a travel gallery at one point or other this plugin would help you can create very customizable galleries by using this awesome plugin.

❦ BuddyPress :

Have you ever wished you should have invented Facebook are freelancing site like people per hour and become a billionaire well that’s not possible but here is what you can do you can build a social networking site with most of the features which Facebook and LinkedIn and PPH just by using this plugin.

BuddyPress will turn your website into a social networking site but you cannot install BuddyPress on all the WordPress themes some WordPress themes are exclusively built for BuddyPress and most of them are premium themes so if you are interested try buying one and building one.

❦ MailChimp :

Mail list building is still one of the very powerful marketing technique in 2017 you cannot ignore this plugin because MailChimp will do the list building for you just set up for once and forget it.

That’s how it would work By using MailChimp, you can create a subscription form and place it on your landing page and offer some free stuff like ebook to your visitors and collect emails.

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Top 10 Best Free Plugins for WordPress Website
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Top 10 Best Free Plugins for WordPress Blog Website : Let’s see the top free and most famous plugins for Your WordPress Website.

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Santanu Debnath
4 years ago

This is a very useful list of free WordPress plugins. But in 2019, security is the top most priority. I think one must include a security plugin to protect their websites form malware attacks. Thanks for helping others through such awesome content. Keep up the good work.

3 years ago

good work to WordPress website Plugins

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Stunning article about the best free plugins. Thanks for the post

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