Best Free Wordpress Security Plugin 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020

Top Best Free Security Plugins For Your Wordpress Website

There are currently more than 1 million websites on the web and this number is growing very fast and according to a security report suggested by school.

Internet says that over 50 million websites were hacked during 2016 and out of these websites 78% of the websites was based on WordPress CMS.

This statistics is giving us the level of vulnerability of a WordPress website and the need for taking essential steps towards the security of a WordPress website.

These are the most powerful security plugins for WordPress website we can select any one of them according to your needs and even consider buying a premium version of the plugin.

When it comes to WordPress websites we always have great plugins even for security.

The best WordPress plugins to secure your website.

❦ 4. WordFence :

This plugin claims to increase the security level and the loading speed of your website by 50 times.

That’s the reason it has over millions of installs this plugin scans all your files on the database and the code of the theme and warn you if something goes wrong this plugin always.

Checks for ongoing Malviya injections and protect you from SQL injection techniques used by hackers behaves like a Firewall Windows operating system.

This plugin very productive from brute force attacks and backdoor attacks.

And features like blocking visitors from particular country and the two-factor authentication will make this plugin even more productive and make this a top plugin in this category.

❦ 3. iThemes Security :

This plugin is formerly better WP security plugin is one of the most popular WordPress plugins in security claiming to have 30 + methods to protect your website even from Brute-force Attack by banning particular IP.

In many WordPress themes there will be some potential vulnerabilities in the code of the team especially in the free themes because they are not so frequently updated this plugin will take care of all those loopholes and protect your WordPress website from the hands of the hackers.

This plugin also provides Google ReCaptcha to protect your website from spammers and your blog being flooded with spam comments and contact form submission just like the wood fence plugin.

iThemes Security also protects a website from ongoing automated Malware injections and you can also use the two-factor authentication teacher while logging in.

❦ 2. All in one WP Security and Firewall :

This is another popular famous plugin which will secure site miss Praveen will also check vulnerabilities in your site and notify you how to prevent your website from hackers by, and acts as a Firewall to your website by enabling a feature called 5G blacklist.

It is also disables PHP editing from the admin panel so that altering the source code of the website impossible and this plugin backups your website on a regular basis and send you a confirmation email.

It is also monitors the login credentials of users and in case if any user is setting up with passwords like username that user will be asked to set up a strong password.

Besides installing the security plugins there are some very important steps which you cannot risk neglecting when it comes to security of your website.

❦ 1. Shield 9.1 :

What I say ! It is my love. For last 5 years I am using this free plugin in every my and client’s website.

It have secure login mask, php and mysql anti-injection, firewall, traffic monitor, ip-blocking, anti spamm, captcha login, pre-update for website, url protection, ssl protection and many more in just free version.

It is so good that you don’t need to buy pro version unlike others plugin in market who giving all this specs in premium version only.

For last 5 years I never faced any hacking activities on my website. So combine with this plugin and my cloud server, my site is secure as a fortress.

One years ago I decide to buy premium version of plugin for Tech Gurug site. Price for 1 website for 1 years is 29 $.

Which is most lowest in the market. It is kill price with that many specs. Absolute value for money.

For Download : Download Here NOW!!

❦ Tips of the Day:

The most important step towards securing your website is installing an SSL certificate now recently Google has started labelling the websites as non-secured if that site doesn’t has SSL certificate installed.

This would literally take away your credibility and trust of your site visitors towards you and besides that one can easily steal login credentials are any data being submitted to your sites through forms over Wifi with rooted phone in hand by using apps like Zanti.

You don’t want any of these things happening to your visitors so installing an SSL certificate on your website is the first step towards your site security.

Updating all the plugins and themes Developers will unknowingly leave some vulnerabilities in the theme or plugin which day have developed after releasing the plugin in the market.

They will start making their work more secure by reducing the loopholes of their themes and plugins and they had more and more features they do this by providing updates so this is very essential to make sure that you update your WordPress on regular basis.

We must take extra Wordpress security tweaksto put our security over the top.

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Top Best Free Security Plugins For Your Wordpress Website
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Best Free Wordpress Security Plugin 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020 : that you can use to keep your WordPress Website secure & add extra layer of security absolute Free.

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Rajesh Sharma
5 years ago

All the suggested plugins are best and I also used wordfence and it is a very nice security plugin to use
Nishant patar

kamlesh birua
3 years ago

You have listed some very good plugins for wordpress security.But I use wordfence.

3 years ago

nice tutorial is WordPress

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