How to Apply for Google Adsense Account & Get Approved ?

How to Apply for Google Adsense Account & Get Approved

Most of the people are turning to focusing on making money online.

There are thousands of users across the globe who are making a living out of their online earnings if you are the person who is interested in making money online by this time you have already heard about making money with Affiliate Marketing and making money with Google AdSense.

I have already written a blog post about best ways to make money with affiliate marketing in 2017.

In this guide, I am more concerned about making money with Google AdSense.

In order to make money with Google AdSense first, you have to apply for Google AdSense and get your application approved by Google most of the applications submitted to Google AdSense rejected because many bloggers will make some mistakes.

So here I have listed the following important steps must be taken before applying for Google AdSense.

❦ Get an approval AdSense account in one go :

In order to get approval, how’s your AdSense account in just one go you must be aware of common reasons of rejection Google.

❦ Website design and colors :

No matter how unique your content is if you are website is fill it with dark colours and not readable and has very disturbed design.

Google will immediately get your application even the visitors will not be interested in browsing your website that’s why your website must be designed very neatly.

❦ Not unique content :

If you have simply copied some random articles from the Internet and applied for Google AdSense there is no way you are going to get approval ever.

❦ Not having privacy policy about us & contact us sections :

Without having a privacy policy you can never get AdSense approval disclaimer, privacy policy, about us and contact us are the sections which show that you’re a professional blogger or Internet marketer who is concerned about your visitors privacy and interested you get in touch with them using the contact us.

Section these are the very basic pages for any website without these sections you can never get approval from AdSense.

❦ Insufficient content :

Even with a great design and privacy policy and all other sections as mentioned above still without sufficient content on your website blog or YouTube Channel you can never get approval from AdSense.

❦ Make sure that all the content is unique & very productive:

Make sure you have written at least enough content about 30 blog posts before applying for AdSense Make sure that your blog post or long enough each post must be and minimum of 700 words long and can be as long as 2000 words.

Make sure you are using potential keywords in the titles and headers and throughout the blog post with optimum keyword density which is 1 to 3% this will show Google that you are a professional blogger and you are aware of Search Engine Optimization.

❦ Remove all other Ads :

If you have already applied for ad campaign programs other than Google like and buy & sell ads it’s highly recommended that you remove all other ads from your website before applying for Google AdSense and keep your site Ad free.

It’s highly unlikely that you will get AdSense approval if you are already running ads on your website because Google does not expect any website to be flooded with too many ads which will make visitors really uncomfortable.

These are some of the essential steps to be taken when you are applying for Google AdSense and if you take all these precautions it is highly likely that you are AdSense approval application will be approved on the 1st go and you can start making money on the Internet right away by showing at advertisements on your web property which is a blog website are a YouTube channel.

Now you have successfully applied for Google AdSense and got your application approved your next step might be making money with Google AdSense.

❦ Ways to get approval from AdSense right away in One Go:

By not making the above mistakes by taking the necessary precautions you may get AdSense approval in single go.

You have to ensure that your website is having a nice design and select the colors in such a way that the content is attractive and readable.

❦ Make money with AdSense :

By using a blog or website you can easily make some passive income on the Internet you can set up a blog WordPress in just 5 minutes and start producing productive content of your interest.

Once you have decent number of visitors your website or a blog you can start monetizing it you can do affiliate Marketing with your blog and you can also set up Google AdSense account for free once Google approve your AdSense application you can start making money by using Google AdSense.

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How to Apply for Google Adsense Account & Get Approved ?
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Tips on how to apply for Google Adsense Account, but there are a few things you can do to improve your site and get Google Adsense approval.

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4 years ago

bro me ab aapki tips dekhke apply karunga
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Extraordinary article. I ran over your blog and felt this was an incredible site and couldn’t imagine anything better than to be included on your blog or perhaps just referenced.

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