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Ankit Fadia : Tricks of being Ethical Hacker !

You come to in this Article. So, I assume that you heard about our country’s most famous tech baba Ankit Fadia.

Who is this Hotshot ? Actually, he is famous Ethical Hacker. What??? Ethical and Hacker !!!

Actually, Hacker means Internet pro guy who can crack any thing according to Media definition and Ethical means guy with moral value simply a Good guy.

Now, you get this meaning, right !

So, A guy who is good in cracking Website, Server, Tools, Software, Application, Computer and Technology with good intention. Now, I can assume you get it.

❦ Coin’s first side (Sorry, Story !) :

Back to story…

What his story is?

His story begin when near in ado period BC 2000 (Sorry, year 2000) a gifted 14 year child get fame by writing his first Ethical Hacking Book. Which was top in Forbes for top 20 selling Books, who gave him enormous fame. After that his fame spread through all media and news and become India tech Rock star..

He did not stop there. He becomes more pro and end up to be crack CHIP magazine‘s website, after as a regret-ion he send apologized to them in exchange they send him job offer.

After, He helped FBI to crack Osama Bin Laden‘s secret saucy message to his follower, which this act unlashed his fame in to Heaven.

People becomes Nuts from him. People asking autograph from him, Class asking Tuition, College beg for Seminar, University suck his feet for Enlightenment; included top rocking IIT‘s, last India’s top company Reliance, Wipro, Putney, Tata, Infosys, etc. ask his Holly Knowledge.

After his rock-star fame and American Stanford Degree give him overseas Fatah(Win) over Chines, Malaysian and some European to..

Last, He printed 6 to 7 Book, create dozen of tuition and thousand of seminars.

Yeah, Also winner of MTV Rooky award (Sorry, Rocky) and creator of “Geek on lose” program.

Yeah, you get it, now. Who is this Hotshot ! Ohh, sorry to forget he is Millionaire, in $ Baby !

❦ Coin’s second side :

After, reading his story, we all envy him, jealous him and worship him. After all he is Indian tech Rock star.

Now, come to reality. Who actually he is ?????

Based on true facts, My answer will !

1 – Age 14 wrote Ethical Hacking Book :

Fadia’s Books are nothing but of “Peace of Shit“, not a Holly Cow’s, maybe Human’s or worse Fadia’s !

Not in just today’s time but compared to ado period to. Which every paragraph to every line and even style to all of this are copy from other best seller Book, Blog and Website and from their contents, after all, for good durability, you must need Viagra or Desi !

Which we can call “Thieving” or may be our famous Bollywood style “Inspiring“, Wese bhi apne Baap kya jata he; Aava Do !

Yeah. It’s definitely smart move. So, many of going to ask; what is wrong with that ?

Yeah, right !! Passing exam with cheating still called passing, Ankho me Thunk aur Shurma Laga ke; Ma ki Ankh, Pass !

But, I thought he was gifted child; after all, man like Mozart created his own Symphony(Music) at age of 3 without copy, in this age we were Peeing on Neighbour wall not on a Facebook !

Ooohkkk… He was just 14 year old kid in near 1999 who had Computer and broadband with Internet !! At, that time with that age, means that time I was living in Black-White TV; Ehee, still give me Goose Bump !

At that time recently show Colour TV and never heard Computer and definitely did’t show a Mouse. Actually, I show only Black one; Which was kind a Big, Very Big !

At that time had broadband Dabaa(Box) was also symbol of Luxury; Apni, tho sala Aukat Se bahar tha !

You can buy his Books and can read to with total your own risk, you must have Bima !

you can get copycatting content link to. Damn, Evidence; finally become Sherlock Homes !

2 – Fame and Name :

No, Doubt; After this rooky (Again, Sorry Rocky !) attitude he had got fame. Late, be frank; with our sucker Society (Not, talking about Tea!).

Where people suck toe of people who perform Drama (Karishmaa !! Not Bollywood one. Actually, kind one to !) to them like MagicMasala (Not, talking about Noodle !).

Where, people become Nuts (Not, Dry-fruit !) for you and Idolize you (Some time as equivalent with God Avatar ! Yeah !!).

Last, nail on coffin (Not, Mine. Maybe Country’s !); which Lousy and Noisy Indian Media (Yes, this is it !).

Who can able to turn Moron to Marvel, Shit to Shine, and Asshole to Awesome (What an Avatarism !).

3 – Hacking :

Finally, I was waiting for some Action (Not, Rambo one. Hooaa !!).

Damn, Welcome in my field, Buddys. OK, he claimed that he hacked CHIP magazine, then apologies and exchange got job offer.

Actually, thing was kind a different. Not, doubt CHIP was famous magazine and you can’t assume some one like them digest humiliation so easily (Unoo, Hacking stuff !).

But, fellow Forbes guy (Also, former CHIP one to !); who consult with his former boss and dig his own life to; about this saucy accident and found only one thing, LOL !!! (Not, Lollypop ; Maybe Yes !).

OK, Let be frank; think you and me able to Hack someone else website (Please, don’t do your experiment on mine one, which is right now on CPR, actually on hosting !).

We can’t assume that owner digest humiliation and defect to.

So, as humble rooky hacker like me know at least basic stuff like a when you hack some poor guy website (Actually, not talking about CHIP’s, or maybe !) you at least reveal it’s vulnerability (Juicy, weakness; not Lemon one !) in public (Not, on election board !) on blog or own website as a hard core solid proof. (Damn, Finaly Jurasic Park releashed !)

4 – Bond Task (Yeah, James Bond; Baby !) :

Just, as a thought.. Now, it’s time for Spy Shit (Actually, Spicy Task !).

How, About FBI and bigger and blower NSA (Oohhh, Hell yeah !!! I pee in my pant. Had a spared one to !).

Our mind boggling Fadia claimed that he had in near 2001 or 2002 Decrypted (Translated, in Human form; No, ET Shit !) a Osama Bin Laden’s (Right now, poor fellow reside in Pacific ! Peace !v!) saucy message to his followers (Not, Yog guru.. Baba Ramdev’s !).

Only, one thing I don’t get it which is; as a my dictionary book (Not, English but IT ! Unoo old Crap !).

For, breaking 362bit or more you must require a sexy Super Computer (Actually, which equal to 50000 to 100000 PC !) took at least 50 year (Uhmpp, what’s big dill, Haa !).

I never experiment in this part on my Crap (Actually, Computer; who give me lot of Shity errors !).

Neither, I don’t have any a spare, Unoo (What you think me, fucking Ambani !) !

Yeah, One thing I agree with decrypt stuff that which can crack. Ado, period; 500 to 1947, secret people use some hancy fancy encryption method like A to Z or 1 to 9 like Demo,,
Message-name -> abc(numeric-form 123) == Encrypted 789(ghi) == Formula-name(3StepLeave)
or other old kid’s method to with little trick, maths, logic and brain you can do it (Play, Video Games,, Spy Shit !)

So, but we can’t assume that this fancy trick use by still Osama, as rumour I heard he had many Geeky follower to (Ohoo, R&D Shit !).

So, even assume that dump moron use that method (Pleaseee, Don’t Pissed on me, I am just kid. No, Shooting !).

Our moron (Sorry, Marvel !) end up to be crack it.

But, don’t you think American (Ohh, yeah !! Brightness in Hall !) can have at least that level Cowboys (Unoo, Bull’s Jolly Riders !).

After all, America is motherland of Tech Cowboys. I don’t think either American franchise FBI and NSA are starve from Budget or Saucy People (Uhmpp, with 10 billion, you can have all that Shits !).

5 – Dump Fuckers (Sorry, Dhaa, Followers .) :

After, his Shity (Again, so so Sorry; It’s shiny !) Bond act. He got tons of mother fuckers (Sorry.. That was silly grammar mistake, marvel followers !) !

People become die hard his fan (Actually, class attainers die with hanging on Fan ! My silly Joke !@!) !

Let, be frank he had many or have many follower who asking his Autograph (Not, Puberty Graph; who care other Shit !) !

People pay Ten of thousands for his seminar and hundreds for ticket (With that you can have some Spicy Escort, Sooorry !) !

Now, I am serious; college pay lacks of Rupees for his Holly Knowledge included IIT’s (Are you fucking with me! I can’t even pass JEE enters exam, or allow to see Hell Campus Grass !) !

So, either he is so big Hotshot that we happily lower our Pent for him or our country’s University totally fuckedup (Not, talking about; Sunny Leon ! Please guys hold your Zip !) !

Yes, I heard about Ankit Fadia Classes Karishma (Where people totally fucked up! Worse than Sharukh Khan movie; Where he was asking “My name is Khan, Why I so fuckedup” or worst Gajjni who bang on wall with Mental Trauma !) !

Those poor fellow who loose thousands Rupees after him for sake of his Holly Gyan and Holly Malaysian Job (Like, Search of Pie in Pacific or worst in Gobi desert, totally fuckedup.. Sorry, guy I have soft part about you (Total DilGir/\/\) !) !

Ankit Fadia special Tonic name is AFEHC (Ankit Fadia Ethical Hacking Course) (Some badly pronounce like, Ankit Fuckedup Ethically Hence Comfortingly ; Now, that’s definitely Rock !).

Yeah, About time to big boy to open there Front for him (You get it, Means ! What I am saying ! Smart Boys !) !

Reliance, started above course with him until they dump him when there own website hacked (Ouch, That Hurt; Damn totally Raped !) !

Also, Many red-hot Indian firm like TATA, Putney, Wipro, Infosys, etc.. ask his Holly Charbi (Not from Stomach or Ass ! May be from thick Brain !) !

Let, be double frank again; Are our country’s company so fuckedup (Maybe after, his enlightenment; Damn Yeah !) !

6 – Oversea Fatah :

Time to meet our, The Great Indian Alexander who win half world (End in day, Both Alexander fuckedup in India !) !

After his SuckSex (Sorry, tongue slipped, Success !) he become Crore-pati (Turn his student into Road-Pati !) and go to overseas for Blow-job (Again SOS, Business !) and Sucking (Oops, Studying !).

He had no Scholarship (Who need that Crap, if your self is KBC !) or no need, after-all he was rich.

So, he get in and few year later get Degree to (Not, talking about Pd-gree Dog food !) !

But, his Principle have some different story, he had said “Our fellow Moron (Againn, Marvel) Ankit Fad-iya never give damn lab exam, so he was drop-out !”.

He did’t gave his Hacking Lab Exam (Uhmm, That Suck ! I thought, he was great Hacker !).

Ohkkk, We agree he is drop-out; who give damn about degree if you have money and fame (Actually, I am thrice Drop-out).

We all know, in world many great hacker and person are also drop-out. Then, why the Hell lie; at-least for Lab-Test (Not for AIDS test !)!

Also, his holly overseas seminar at the time created fame and rookas (Ehee, Shouting after showed Godzilla !) !

Which enough to ruined there Brain (Worse than our country’s Brain-Drain !) !

He also given his holy enlightenment to Chines (Whooo, Hindi-Chini-Bhai-Bhai; Which language he use for them ? Guess.. Bhoj*Puri !!).

His Malaysian class and job Dilemma (Not, talking about Dalai Lama !) are famous to (But, not much famous as KajuKatri, Haaa ha!) !

His European class are come in this list to (Worse than Bank Crisis, where every Cry !) !

7 – Hell Assholeness (Oops, Hail Awesomeness):

Finally, story about his achievement (Whoo, finally we riched Ever*rest !).

His claimed first to six version of his Ethical Hacking Ankit Fadia Books are top seller of Forbes’s list. Wow, he is definitely Indian version of Harry Potter( Who wrote it ! ); his Suckass (Aiyee, is Success; with extra Cheese !) make West Jealous (Like, Rat ki Tikkhi Chatni, Aur Subhe ko Sundash me uski Lugni !) !

But, Forbes denied his claimed (Ohoo, Humare Fad-iya ki to Honeymoon me hi Lag gai !) and revealed his Fuckness (Aisshh, Fakeness !) in pub-leek (Cheeee, Is umer me !!!!!) !

He got his MTV-Rooky award and his company security contract (Congratulation; Finally MTV; Bustup ! No, Crap Music any more !!).

MTV also created Geek on Loose program with him which also Bustup after few dozens show (Which remind me, Akshay Kumar’s Movie where he was asking question; Why he is so Panoti ?).

❦ – Coin’s Middle side :

Actually, this side is created by me for final Blowup of Story. Tight, your seatbelt for bumpy Ride !

This Smart-Ass claimed to be great Fadia Hacker. Who poor fellow can’t able to write basic HTML codes (Ouch, This is direct blown on his Man-ness !).

Who’s website power by some Chicky third party (Not, Rev Party or Congress Party !).

That means he is lack of his Fertility (Definitely, need third party Help!) !

So, no HTML, I can even assume this guy don’t even know JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python or Pearl, SQl, etc. Then, question is created what the fuck he is going to be Hacked; What on ? Ans. His Jack’s Ass !

A ~

Once upon time, this moron in public said Indian Hacker groups are Thugs (This is it, This Asshole ask for extra Panoti !).

Above, Ghee on fire; he said “If you can crack my website show it !”. This is it !

Actually, this Moron said in not public but in seminar where some Cocky kid make Video and upload in Youtube.

When, Hacker find out; they really really Pissed-off. Bomb-aard with virus, bugs, loop holes, and yes lot of Shity words. They, said “This mother fucker not even have basic Kid-garden security !”.

I will not going to surprise either because when I got there I don’t even waste my time do all those stuff (XSS injection, Sql injection, MIMA, etc.. Why the fuck !).

Why watch Panoti Face !! Who make your all day worse (Sali, Boni Kharab ho gayi !).

B ~

Again, this Bastard did it. By saying it “Linux Suck, use Window for hacking.” Are you fucking with me ? Linux is life of old to new, dump to best, rooky to super computer. I myself ditch Window for Linux (Ubuntu,Kubuntu,Backbox,Doggy,etc…. I am building my own to !).

Windows is only good for play video-games. This, Asshole does’t know that how moron is he ?

I ask one question, what the hell Hacking is ?

Is Hacking means some fancy cheap media definition or this bastard definition means “Hacked some money or info !”. No, Hell !! It’s called cracking which done by low life, unsocial psycho path, mentally ill thugs.

Which, I believe the Hackers are “Those, who break old, remove weakness, create new great revolution from in it. Which start new era’s of World.”

C ~

Lowlife, attitude ! Each and every time in every seminar to every lecture in every Video, you can see this Bastard only use some cheap internet trick like play video-games front of people (Worse than, fucking Facebook Farm-villa request !) and do some magicmasala Drama front of them.

Without doubt, Moron public clapping on him (Like, getting long life’s discount Enlightenment !).

One, laptop junky can do better Drama then this Fucker ! Ankit Fadia Video of Porn (Actually, Pro !) make me pissed-off for wasting my bandwidth package after him.

This guy can create his own Python Tools to (Sorry, I forget; This Moron can’t write Code !) !

D ~

At least, this Asshole can learn some good trick from overseas. Why ?

First, he has tons of money which is golden opportunity for him; which life long people dreams included me (But, we all know, pro Hooker don’t ditch there profession !).

Is not that he did’t claim either that he was attained some fancy Hacker Seminar (For what ? Maybe for Masturbate !).

Just all other his Shit this thing also to (Now, I really pissed-off; Also lack of Punch-line ! Actually, I want to use Punch.).

In, this world one of the greatest Hacking conference is Black Hat America which is Mecca for we Nerds (Not for Porn one but for Tech one !) !

But, what his cheap personality got; he will not, but may be assume that he end-up to. So, next what ?

His holly feet reach on gate and he open his sucker mouth there and say: “I, Me, The great Ankit Fadia. Coming from Holly Eastern Land. Where I am greatest Ethical Hacker. Who age 14 wrote famous Ethical Hacking Book. Who crack famous tech magazine, CHIP’s website. Who, after solved the DieVinchyCode of FBI and NSA. After wrote dozen of Forbes top listed great Books. I , Me the Messiah and the greatest Avatar from India come to America!!!!!”.

Every body fall on them knees, bow down them heads and say “Give us, your Enlightenment; Sier.” (Actually, this thing is this Bastard imagination or Hell story !).

E ~

Actually, it happen like that, when he will say his fancy story.

After that, in conference’s people put they hand on there belly, fall on floor and can’t stop Laugh (Now, that call Messiah’s, Rookas !) ! or Punching each other (For, waking up from worst, Nightmare !) ! or worse eat him alive in breakfast, lunch and dinner to (After all, you can’t accept any less from Non-Veg people !) !

Assume, some how he survive first day, but what fucking cheap personality he gote; he will Pissed-off so many people there; & going to create tons of arc enemy there; just like three paragraph above.

Those people are not nice as our one. Being them target means socially, politically, economically and financially fucked up (End of Matrix Revolution !) !

So, this why he did’t show his ass due to this reason or ego. What ever, it’s smart move. (See, First time and last time I appreciated him, Humm !).

F ~

As, a last my punch line (Not, Kick-line, Damn I don’t have Mr. Miyagi as neighbour !) !

I spent all my day for writing this Shit (Actually, Article !) with Aka-dashi (Artificial one ! No food; only Lemon Juice !).

Let, be frank again; I wrote this Article as Professional not Personal (By the way, who give Shit for those minor stuff, Chill !).

I know, Mr. Ankit Fadia is famous for sue people for silly minor detail, like above (Buddy, I am still leaving on Dabar and Parle-G.. Some time on Glucose-D to; Actually in Orange test. As, this situation I come in category of Bachhas, actually in Heavy One !).

So, Ankit Bhai Hold your Horse (Goda; na ke Gatheda !); and Black (Kala; na ke Kauwa !), mean civilized Black Kuttaa (Ayee, Kurtaa !) wala Lawyer.

Namaste.. Ane, Meri Aur Se.. Bhabhi ko Parnam Karnaa.. Ho!!! Chalo Hu Jau Chu.. Aavjo…..

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Ankit Fadia : Tricks of being Ethical Hacker !
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You come to in this Article. So, I assume that you heard about our country’s most famous tech baba Ankit Fadia who known as Ethical Hacker !

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anees imran
5 years ago

Nice ticks helpful, Thanks!

Doug Nieto
Doug Nieto
5 years ago

at the end you made summery of all information what is the name of that plugin

Anoop Kaushal
5 years ago

Ankit Fadia is one of the most brilliant Ethical Hacker and Security Expert of India. He was my idol when I was the child and learning about cybersecurity.

5 years ago

Ankit Fadia is one of the most brilliant Ethical Hacker and Security Expert of India. He was my idol when I was the child and learning about cybersecurity.

Sanket Dhoke
3 years ago

Wonderful content ! I’m looking forward to start learning coding from your blog.

3 years ago

good news this website

Nidhi Patel
2 years ago

Very nice… I really like your blog… Thanks!

Satish Verma
2 years ago

nice sir

2 years ago

this post is so amazing ! you have provided a great info for me .

2 years ago

techgurug very nice article that based on Ankit Fadia very helpful information sir ji I love you your blog for all these information

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