How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog – Website ?

How to choose a Domain Name ?

In this Article, I am going to explain How to choose a Domain Name for SEO.

In the market, many business Owner or yourself, always ask first that How to choose a Domain Name ?. Reasons are different purpose might be not clear and especially how you will be gonna do ? However if you are serious about your future of a brand then you must remember a below things before buying a Domain Name. I had mentioned 12 Indispensable Tips below.

❦ 1 : Purpose of Domain name :

When you are start thinking of doing a business through Internet, the first thing that you have to think about is your Website Domain Name. Before you choose a Domain Name, you should consider these following :

✶ Who would be your target audience ?

✶ What you intend to sell to them tangible item or product or content ?

✶ What will make your business idea unique or different from everything else ?

Come up with a good Idea. Some say like that, I want to do everything or worst, I want to provide everything. This is a most dangerous thing people do.

Many Blog owner & Website owner just gone bankrupt thanks to this mistake because they did not think about their future Internet venture clearly. They had messed up their precious time and money for having no focus of an Idea.

First, focus on one niche where you are good in it, then create awesome contents according to that niche. Afterward, you can expand it later, if you have an extra time plus money. Advice, please focus on clear Idea and must have target niche.

❦ 2. Keywords in Domain Name :

Many people think it is important to have Keywords in a Domain Name. Keywords in the Domain name are usually important. When you begin your domain name search. Remember, first find Keywords according to your niche then create a top 10 list of that Keywords.

Second advice is never select a single keyword’s Domain Name. Now a day these Domain Name are not available or cheap.

Major of these are parked Domain Names. Which are sell in premium price Tags. If you have some serious money than you can buy them. But, be aware they are a risky to, some of them might be costly, other might be Spammy or ban from Google of different reasons.

So, if you are tight in Budget than combine two keywords, but make sure they are unique, also must have less competition in Market. So, you can target your audience very well. Example, Tech Gurug is made up of two keywords.

Watch video by Google representive Matt cutts :

❦ 3. Create Unique Domain Name :

Let me tell you creating copy cat site is not a good idea. It is like a creating :Facebook.viagra or or Yahoo.chick or Microsoft.cocky. You get it, this is stupid plus waste of time and money.

People can’t think that just copy brand name give them traffic and ranking. This thing does not give them any ranking, worst make them look bad in people eyes. Another factor is creating copy cat Domain Name will destroy their future business’s portfolio that means there is no business future !!

Now, another advice when you are buying a Domain Name make sure don’t buy misspelled famous brand’s Domain Name. It is a most disaster thing. Why ? Here an Example, Long time ago guy who founded Flickr come up with this mistake, people who visit site, most of them type in browser which lead site entire traffics Domain Name. This was a disaster and Rooky to. So, end of the day have to acquire with a big sum of money. Don’t do this type of mistake, which cost you huge bucks in future.

So, create unique Domain Name with keywords which you want to target. While some of the hot shot Website in Internet like eBay, Wikipedia, Twitter, Google and Yahoo are not made up with Keywords. They are un-meaning and non-dictionary domain name but a still its become famous and turn into big brand. Yes, its require lots of resource plus great Idea. It is up to you to decide for having totally unique or mix Domain Name.

❦ 4. Choose wisely Domain Type :

I always recommended .com Domain in TLD extensions. Why ? First, it is most famous Domain extension. Which mean, people mind are typically brain-washed for typing and remembering this TLD extension. People always write .com in Browser after Domain name. Especially if 301 ( page not found ) condition is there. People assume this is must be mistake so they write instead of

Another factor is, if .com owner done some serious homework of SEO for Google ranking than forget you will ever get ranking in that category of keyword search, especially if domain’s keyword name which both of you having common Example, vs Facebook.extra.

Many time .com person have a higher ranking. Make sure that after while you also purchase other famous extensions like .net, .co, .yourcountry for security reason, so someone does not messed your ranking. This method use by famous Blogger and Site owner. They always use this method to maintain their keywords dictatorship for ranking. Nothing wrong about that.

Other TLD extensions are like .org, .in, .usa, .guru etc. They are just good for tech savvy or regional market like country. Make sure you have both .com plus country if you want to target particular product according to country and also you have some serious pocket plus profit to endure this Bumpy ride.

❦ 5. Easy to Remember :

Researcher found out that people did not use even 1% of their brain capacity. Even Einstein use only 2% of his brain. Which mean people only remember stuff which are easy to store and simple to understand.

So, make sure buy a Domain Name which easy for People’s Brain. Also, add some point like grammar mistake, length, meaning and brand.

Don’t buy to much lengthy name like :


Don’t do it ! Also, don’t buy a even worst grammar with short name like :

This is a disaster for people’s brain plus Google ranking. Google think that Webmaster is some sort of Skank. I am serious here because many people brought this kind of a Domain Name.

It is so bad that people can’t even punch to their family until preparing for getting punched ! Be a good person, buy some small or mid size understandable with good meaning plus who match your niche of brand.

❦ 6. Make easy for Lips :

Until, people are not turn in to French Kisser. This is always be a painful. Remember, Domain name must be so easy that can spread mouth to mouth like Dirty Germs (Hahaa, Not that kind a Dirty..) !

I mean Domain name must be easy to pronounce and easy to spread. Try it on your family member or stranger (Not like a Stalker !). Call it on Phone. Just like easy to speak, it is also easy to remember.

So when people speak of you brand name they don’t feel like Deja-Wu !! Also, if you are Deshi (Native) than can use Native word with English name like, Tech Gurug. See, this is not a Rocket science. While it look cool with Deshi touch up.

❦ 7. Don’t use to much Keywords :

Yupp, you get it until you don’t want to ban by Google for Spamming. Don’t even think about ever!

Did you remember last time in Google searching you found any domain which is huge long like:

How about jumbo bumbo Crap of keyword like :

I assume you get my point clear that none of this Crap Domain ever get listed on Google, means never ever !! Not even single listed. After all Google don’t allow Skank in search ranking. You have to make sure that some great keywords.

Yes, you can have two keywords, might be small but easy to remember. Make sure their are unique so you don’t have any competition in Market. It will be awesome for you.

❦ 8. Fulfilled niche of Expectation :

When some body here about you Domain Name it must be spark like a Shining star not Bazuka Fire ! So, when people listen, they must guess about your Brand and it’s content.

Let’s have some of the great Domain Name for there product awareness like :,,,,,,, etc. While Amazon, eBay, Twitter require brand building and spending there resource for that.

While some horrible mistake people do like :,, You think this is sane meaning site. Yeah until person live in some Dungeon!

No sane person will speak it in front of their sane family. You can’t sell sane product or content in this kind a cheap website. Make sure don’t create name that make you shame in front of the sane people.

❦ 9. Don’t abuse Trademark :

This is kind a dangerous. It is like a playing with Fire. Never ever copy someone Trademark logo or their name in your Domain name. Using their logo or mix reference make you definitely sued.

Let me tell you using brand name like : YahooCrap or GoogleThug or MicrosoftSuck, it looked damn cool for Blogger but once it turn into brand or company, than prepare for getting sue by them. That time, they will so no mercy on you.

Remember major of time this big brand sue you when you are end up to be a brand. It is enough to make you bankrupt for your childish mistake.

So, don’t took someone brand name or their trademark as your Domain name. So, you can enjoy to be a next Mark Zuckerberg.

❦ 10. Crap Fashion Trends :

Again people do some sort of nasty mistake like they were doing in 90’s. That era was different. That time Google Algorithm where not that sophisticated like a today. So, people was get away with their Crap. Not anymore, now Google start to throw penalty for those Domain Name.

Don’t even bother to purchase high Backlink or CTR parked Domain. They are useless because they have no meaning of Brand, Spammy Backlink and Pathetic Content. While They hard to remember plus spread. Example like, or or

This is totally ridiculous until a person is in some a serious Porn business. So, be caution for purchasing these kind a Domain Name.

❦ 11. Check Google Penalty :

If you are thinking about buying a parked Domain name, be sure it did not have Google penalty. That are few kind a penalties.

i : Google AdSense Penalty : Google throw this for doing some serious crime for increase revenue. This ban allow domain name get black listed forever from Google Adsense account. Which mean this domain name become useless for earning profit from Google Ads.

There is no way to recover, but if you want to sell product or other ad then there is not much problem.

Tool available for Checking Google AdSense Penalty

ii : Google Sandbox Penalty : This penalty based on Spamming for Google ranking. This happen due to Webmaster use some black hat technique to increase Google ranking. So, Google throw penalty for this site. This is temporary so it can remove by adding Good quality content and remove spammy backlink or other black tricks from domain name.

Tool available for Checking Google Sandbox Penalty

iii : Google Permanent Deindexed Penalty : This is most dangerous penalty on a Domain Name. Charges are serious like Copyright or Trademark Infringement, which mean ban forever. You will never ever get listed on Google. Yes, other search engine are available but there are not so famous or traffic-driven like Google. So, don’t bother to purchase it.

Now, You get it doing research before purchasing Domain name is very smart and wise. So, be it.

❦ 12. Create Cool Brand :

Just, Idea is not an everything. Giving a vision is also an important. Ask yourself, what kind a website do you want to build ? What kind a people you want to represent ? What kind a product you want to sell ? How you will going to solve their problems ? What vision and idea you are going to apply ?

This will determine future of your Website and Brand. Some time people just build simple Blog or site with no deep meaning or purpose, but sometime some people build world concurring brand. Simply because they given vision to their Idea’s.

Just don’t target everything but target what you are good in it and can end up to be great in it. Represent your self as Expert instead of just Rooky. You can use plenty of method after purchasing Domain Name for building great Brand. So stay tune.

Best place for Hosting :

With more than 5+ years experience, I love to recommend to you Siteground. Don’t underestimate this company, if you did not heard its name. This is the world best Hosting company you ever find. It is far greater than Godaddy or Hostgator.

These big companies are good for name while their service and hosting are disaster. So, this why I fall in love with Siteground. You can read my next article on their product and service in near future.

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12 cool tips for choose a domain name for Higher Search Ranking & building great brand. Also, learn to save your brand’s from future Bull Sh!t.

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