How to find Long Tail Keywords for SEO ?

How to find Long Tail Keywords ?

Long tail keywords are apparently bringing high traffic with high convergence rate even if they have got low volume in search engines it’s always better to target market using long tail keywords because of low competition.

You really want to know why we should use long tail keywords in your content in detail this is our guide to how to use the long tail keywords in your content in this guide.

I have listed the top 10 tools to find long tail keywords.

1. SEMrush :

This is not just for long tail keyword research this is a very powerful tool which is a must have if you are very serious competitor on the web.

When it comes to keyword research it is the best tool to find keywords and do comprehensive competition analysis and when it comes to getting long tail keywords this the most effective tool which comes handy this is a paid software ranging up to $1000 but before trying the premium version you can use this tool up to 14 days for free.

2. KW finder :

It is one of the newest tools to make this list but it is very productive in terms of its features to find long tail keywords besides SEMrush.

It is the best tool which is highly recommended for keyword research.

3. Ubersuggest :

Ubersuggest is an excellent long tail keyword research tool which comes handy for your SEO needs.

4. Wordtracker Keyword Tool :

This is an awesome free tool which will give you highly profitable long tail keywords with all important details including anchor text, effectiveness, and profitability.

5. Long Tail Pro :

This is another fantastic tool for your long tail keyword research needs by using this tool you can find profitable long-tail keywords with all generally details this is a tool with a 10 day trial period.

6. Google auto suggest :

This tool is developed by keyword tool Dominator which is based on Google autosuggest this is a free tool which you will really find productive when it comes to long tail keyword research.

7. The keyword tool :

If you try to search for list of best tools to get long tail keywords in each and every least it’s very likely that you find keyword tool at some place because keyword tool is a Google product and in absolutely free version of this tool you can get up to 10 long tail keywords for query and if you take the premium version keyword tool Pro you will get up to 20 long tail keywords for query

8. Keyword revealer :

keyword revealer is one more fantastic long tail keyword search tool with very good pricing the premium version of this tool is as low as $35 and if you are not a professional SEO specialist and you’re a beginner who is trying out things are starting a blog you can use it’s free version for your keyword research.

9. Jaaxy :

That she is one of the newest keyword research tools on the way but it is an effective tool because it really song Google keyword planner.

10. Keyword Eye :

Keyword eye is an another free tool long tail keyword research it will fetch very competitive profitable long tail keywords for you by filtering research keywords based on language it works as good as many premium tools and a must-have tool in your Arsenal if you are in SEO expert.

These were the most fantastic when it comes to keyword research you can find very profitable long tail keyword research with all details like cost per click and conversion rates and you can even download reports and perform competitive analysis using these tools and obviously some of this premium Browser very expensive but it is really worthy to invest money in Search Engine Optimization because it will bring a lot of organic traffic to your website and bring you a lot of business in the long term.

You can start working with free keyword research tools and when you understand SEO clearly then consider going to tools like KW finder and semrush because these tools will be relatively complicated to understand for beginners but these are the ones which are used by high-level SEO professionals and best bloggers across the world.

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How to Find Long Tail Keywords For SEO
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The ultimate guide that explain how to find long tail keywords for SEO with 10 tools to optimize your site for better search engine ranking.

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Nitin Kashyap
4 years ago

Yes, Friend, This SEO of long trail Keywords is Very Useful & will help me a Lot in the future.

Nitin Kashyap
4 years ago

Thanks, Dear Yes, Friend, This SEO of long trail Keywords is Very Useful & will help me a lot in the future. In my SEO of my Website

Suryakant Tripathi
4 years ago

Nice article Thank you this really helped me

Kaira kaur
4 years ago

I think sir added to ahrefs tool

2 years ago

hi its very helpful article thanks for sharing.

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