3 steps for Remove Software / VirtualBox in Ubuntu / Debian / Linux

Remove Software / VirtualBox in Ubuntu / Debian / Linux

Some time removing application in Linux is kind tricky.

First place why you want ?

When your OS software making errors or become pain in ass of OS.

Then is perfect time to ditch it.

But, Linux don’t work like Window where you easily remove it.

Here, again you need help of Terminal.

But, be carefull don’t mess up.

Step 1: Open Terminal.

* Press Ctrl+Alt+T.

Step 2: Remove Command.

* Time to remove your noisy Application.

sudo apt-get remove virtualbox-\*[ Here Virtualbox is software name & -\* is use for delete remain files.]

* Here, apt-get use for getting exact name of package file to capture for install or remove.

Remove is use for deleting application.

Step 3: Purge Command.

* Remove extra left configure files.

sudo apt-get purge virtualbox-\*[ It remove remain global file.]

* Here, purge use for removing global configure file.

Yupp, your noisy Application gone.

Yeah, you can breath.

Now, install some next fancy one of your.

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3 steps for Remove Software / VirtualBox in Ubuntu / Debian / Linux
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Article is based on procedure of Remove Software or VirtualBox in Ubuntu, Ubuntu 16, Debian and Linux. You can Remove Software in 3 easy steps..

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Swapna gupta
2 years ago

These 3 steps are easy to follow and worked really well.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

1 year ago

Nice Information. I learn these 3 steps for Remove Software.

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